What’s coming up on Bloody Good Books

I have a few reviews to write; namely The Watch Witch (Fairwick Chronicles #2) as well as The Indigo Spell, Etiquette & Espionage and a few others.

I’ve also got a review coming up for Buyer Beware, which I didn’t realize was the second book in the Style & Error Mystery series. I really don’t like reading books out of order, or starting a TV show in the middle. I think it comes from when I was in film school but I have an almost compulsive need to experience art/culture/media in the order it was created. I feel like I’m not getting the full experience or not giving the author (or director) a fair shot if I just start in the middle.

Thankfully, the first book in the series (Designer Dirty Laundry) is available on Kobo for $2.97. There’s also a related short story for 95¢. So I picked both of them up and I’ve started reading Designer Dirty Laundry. It’s a long weekend here in Canada so I’ll get lots of reading done and hopefully bring you several reviews.


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