REVIEW: Under The Gun (Underworld Detection Agency #4) by Hannah Jayne

Release Date: February 5, 2013

*NOTE: This review contains spoilers for the previous Underworld Detection Agency novels*

When Sophie Lawson’s former boss, werewolf Pete Sampson, shows up (not dead!) and asks for her help in finding out who put a bounty on his head, she says yes – after sticking her finger up his nose in classic Sophie fashion. Of course, helping Pete means hiding Pete and when you work with mind readers, that can be rather difficult.

Along with werewolf-like killings that cause her faith in Pete’s goodness to waver, Sophie also has to deal with a sexy fallen angel/cop, her equally yummy British guardian, bizarre, anime-loving werewolf hunters and a heat-wave that sends her vampire roommate Nina into seclusion and Home Shopping Network addiction.

This book contains all the elements that fans of the series have come to expect: humour, romance, betrayal and Sophie being a complete idiot – but we love her for it.

The twist ending was really nice (and had me shouting ‘I knew [evil doer] was evil all along!’ like I’d just won the bingo.

I’ve noticed that some people have criticized this series for not being serious or dark enough for true urban fantasy. But my take on it is that there are so many different urban fantasy series out there, why would you want them to be the same? Some truly great series, such as Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files or Kim Harrison’s The Hollows manage to bring incredible humour and intense, soul-searing pain on Joss Whedon-type levels. Not all series do that, nor should they.

I think there is a place for the humour and yes, the silliness of Sophie Lawson in the Urban Fantasy genre, just as there is a place for the self-destructive, drug-addicted heroine of Stacia Kane’s Downside Ghosts series. It’s a big sandbox, and everyone can play.

So if you’re a fan of Hannah Jayne or you like a lighthearted, healthy dose of humour with your vampires and other supernatural creatures, you’ll definitely enjoy this installment in Sophie’s adventures.

[Review copy generously provided by Kensington]


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